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Regionals is around ze corner...

I hope you are all prepared because I want all of us to make it this year! Good luck!

Remember to dress nicely for the event. Last year I dressed like a hippie and the judge didn't like me... so this year I'm gonna wear something better... I need to find nice pants...

The key is balance between comfortable and presentable clothing. No tank tops, you must have shoulders covered. No flip-flops or sandals. Wear shoes you can walk in, but not casual shoes. Plain black will do nicely. I think I might wear my character shoes, idk, that's just me. You do what you want. It'll probably be cold so brng a jacket so your body is nice and relaxed.

And very importantly: don't be on time, be EARLY! Auditions move quickly because people usually only sing 2 minute songs and others bail out. Plan for 15 minutes of lee-way.

Stay confident, breathe, and practice as much as you can without hurting yourself. We'll do great this year!

You know, the U of A has no info on Regionals. I looked everywhere, and they don't have very much information about anything! Wierd, huh?

If LJ were more popular this club would be better... but alas, it is merely us choir students. I chose some nice icons for the club, now I just have to change some settings, move some things..., feel free to post here if you want. Usually anything pertaining to fine arts you can put here. Concert/performance info, put it up. Advice, post it! Things you find interesting or just find, post it. News on frampton's beard, go ahead... I don't care, as long as this club serves some purpose...
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